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Telecom Lifecycle Management

With more than 20 years of experience in Telecom, CMG provides a comprehensive approach to Telecom Lifecycle Management.

Aside from company payroll, telecom spending is often the most significant expense for a business. The costs associated with telecommunications can range from hardware to software to supplier services and fees. For many companies, tracking expenditures can be challenging, so they overspend in many of these areas.

At Cost Management Group (CMG), we can help you understand where your telecom money is going. We’ll review your existing bills, services and contracts to see what is necessary and where you can save money by eliminating unneeded and unwanted items. We design our expense management programs to show a system-wide view of monthly spendings while providing your company the necessary data and information to make the best decisions.

Telecom Cost Management and Solutions

CMG has developed a comprehensive technique to implement cost controls, create visibility and reduce wasteful spending for your company or enterprise. Our strategy focuses on three areas:

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Baseline Audit & Optimization

This involves a detailed assessment with recommendations to optimize expenses, inventory and other processes. We start with telecom infrastructure optimization to gain insight into your environment of services, expenses and contracts.


Expense Management

This portion of the program features enhanced accounts payable processes, from invoice acquisition to billing payment and reporting. We focus on creating the most efficient approaches for verifying, processing and paying your telecom bills.

Costmg - Inventory Management

Service Management

This service phase is a will help you construct and maintain detailed service inventory records and keep them up to date.

We also have programs dedicated solely to wireless services. In addition to optimizing your existing services, we can analyze your current wireless inventory and help you evaluate vendors while identifying potential savings opportunities. For those businesses or enterprises that require a unique approach to their telecom operations, we can create a customized strategy built specifically for your requirements.

For companies uncertain of their needs, we offer a telecom infrastructure optimization engagement to evaluate your telecom systems before committing to the entire package.

Reduce Telecom Expenses With Our Solutions

CMG will help streamline your telecommunication processes and make your business more efficient by working with your executives, accounting personnel, information technology managers and purchasers. We use state-of-the-art technology to support our strategies. Several benefits of our technological capabilities include:

  • All-in-one system: Our programs integrate wireless, data, voice and cloud into one system.
  • Cloud-based: We host our systems in some of the safest and most secure servers available.
  • Unlimited users: CMG allows unlimited users and storage for all billing data, order forms, contracts, purchasing and other information.
  • On-demand reporting: Our technology generates detailed reporting across all telecom operating levels.
  • Customized configurations: CMG can customize programs for businesses with special telecom requirements.

We’ll provide you with dedicated account support to ensure we meet your company’s needs and expectations. You’ll also have access to an experienced team of experts and analysts who furnish the best possible service.

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CMG works with small- to large-scale enterprise businesses in many industries to effectively manage their critical telecommunication areas. Since 1998, we have established ourselves as a telecom expense management leader with a proven track record of saving valuable time and money for the organizations we serve. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today.

A Valued Partner for Our Clients

CMG works with small to large scale enterprise companies across industry verticals to effectively manage all critical areas of telecom. CMG has built long-standing partnerships with its clients with a proven track record of saving valuable time and money for the organizations it serves.

“Leveraging the Itemize software and team, we have been able to identify $50k in annual savings in wireless, LD, and carrier spend.”

HealthCare Company, Senior Systems Engineer, Client Since 2007

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