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The Secret to Maximizing ROI (with TEM)

Nothing will propel an initiative faster from concept to approval than a compelling Return on Investment (ROI). ROI helps prioritize initiatives and supporting resources. It is common for ROI to be the primary measure of success (or failure) for a project. Leading organizations expect returns from communications solutions to be similar to, or better than, […]

Are You Getting Reports or Results?

To achieve success, you have to define success. In the discipline of telecom expense management, success is not universally defined. As a result, many organizations find resources over-burdened and solutions underperforming. Yet, their provider assures them that the “solution” delivered is not only working, but working flawlessly.  How could this be? Defining Success How could […]

Where Do We Start? (Audit vs. TEM)

Imagine you have identified a few areas needing improvement. A budget needs to be reduced. Or a project needs attention from a resource overwhelmed with administrative tasks. Sometimes recognizing pain points is the easy part. Now how do you decide where to begin? Audit or TEM? Let’s first consider TEM, a full telecom lifecycle management […]